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Taopix and 2M in the press: Digital Printer follows photobook production cycle

29 July 2014

We were delighted when Digital Print Magazine told Taopix HQ they wanted to create a photobook on the Taopix software platform and follow it through the complete production cycle. And when we found out that they wanted to cover this as an article following a day in the life of UK printing company 2M - our longstanding customer - we were thrilled.

Discover how 2M have set up our Taopix Production module to their advantage and find out what goes on behind the scenes once a consumer has created their shiny, new photobookRead the full article here.

2M have been a Taopix customer since 2007 and continue to work closely with us through our UK distributor Transeomedia. 2M know our full production capabilities as well as any of Team Taopix. We can't think of anyone better to take you on a journey through what happens during the full photobook production cycle! 


What's Taopix Production? 

As a full end-to-end solution, Taopix comes with our Taopix Production module which allows our customers to manage several production related tasks and it's flexible too. Some businesses use it to manage their entire production workflow from print through to finishing and shipping. And we offer full or partial integration with external systems including existing production workflow programs.  Set up your photo gift platform to suit how you want to run your production!

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