Blogssneaky bad habits which will be impacting your print business

Print: a tale seemingly as old as time, but don’t get stuck in the old ways. While you don’t need to overhaul your business every couple of years, there is a checklist that you should be paying mind to if you don’t want your business stuck in the mud. Have a look through the list below and see if any of these points are sneaking by in your periphery.

Unsocial Media

Yes, social media. We’ve all heard about it too many times and yet, so many businesses in the print world are not utilising this free resource. Whether you have your own social media guru or not, you should be showing up for your brand a couple of times a week. Lean into your strengths and don’t overcomplicate your posting; there’s trends sweeping the business world that shows how brand authenticity goes far. You don’t need perfectly manicured graphics to get eyes on your page.

Having an Instagram or Facebook account sitting and stagnating can be damaging to your business, as some users of the platform may wrongly assume that you aren’t even operational anymore. Let somebody in the business who has the gift of the gab and a memorable personality front a couple of videos for your channels – all you need is a smart phone and a connection to your accounts. Talk about your favourite projects to print, inspiring team stories, spotlights on long-serving team members, even talk about their worst day ever working for you. Whatever it is, content doesn’t need to be fancy to be engaging. Review trending topics and see how these apply to your business! #WIEIAD videos (What I Eat In A Day) are a super long-running trend – adapt this by doing mini interviews of team members who can do a #LunchHaul and just show the camera what they have bought in their lunch bags.

Engaging content can be as simple as you make it. Are you thinking, ‘How does talking about lunch help a print business?‘. It’s a reasonable question, sure. Look at the bigger picture of such simple topics – you’re personifying your brand, making relatable content (leftover takeout? We’ve all been there) and showing the faces and real people that keep the business ticking over. Getting to know of a brand also includes getting to know of the people, too.

Same print, different day

We’re not talking about niches and specialisms here. If your print business does something often and does it well, don’t abandon it. We’re talking about printers who haven’t diversified their offerings in a little over a ‘long time’. Stagnating offerings keep you in the same loops every day and don’t allow for growth – additional services appeals to your existing customer base who can bring even more business to your door, along with potentially attracting a whole new host of custom.

Expanding your print horizons needn’t cost the earth – working with Taopix, you can set up a personalised-print sidearm using your existing print setup. You don’t need to break the bank on additional printers or production lines, and you choose what products you can print in-house. Are you able to print on 3D? Great! You can sell personalised gifts. Only able to print on paper? Great, you’re able to sell photobooks! Whatever capabilities and capacities you have, you can work with Taopix to better your business and ramp up your revenue. We’ll talk you through each step of the process and offer in-depth support for the lifetime of your personalisation adventure through dedicated regional representatives and diligent support personnel. You’ll have one account manager who works alongside you, knowing your business and your own goals to ensure that we give you that little extra you need.

Outdated website

Websites can be the bane of SME’s lives and can seem overwhelmingly complicated. If your website doesn’t reflect your current business direction, service offerings or customer base – you need to bite the bullet and have a little refresh.

Consider your site as your digital store-front – this is the first impression that many people will have of your business. By many, we mean 94% of first impressions are based on website design, according to ChillApple. Whether you feel this is unjust or not, it is the reality of operating a business in 2024. Make the path for your prospects as easy as possible. Show your site visitors what they can get, why they want it and how easy it will be for them. Users want to feel comfortable, cared for and understood. If you’re using outdated industry jargon, chances are a retail customer will abandon their search in fear of ordering the wrong thing or appearing incapable. Make your language inclusive for people looking at ordering their first ever print, and you should already get a higher rate of sales.

There are benefits beyond the emotions of an updated site. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) works well for sites who are ‘content-rich’, throwing your store front before more eyes when you work more on your site. Keeping an updated list of your service offerings, and visitors to complete transactions online creates an easier journey for all.

Ghosting customers

You’ve captured a new sale; a first-time print buyer has visited you or your site and purchased their wedding invitations.

Do you:

a. complete the sale, never to speak to them again.

b. complete the sale, and email them about your entire service offerings until they unsubscribe.

c. complete the sale, offer aftercare with order updates and suggest additional stationary which would complement their invitations.

Hopefully, your answer is C. There’s no benefit to never communicating with a customer again, the same as there’s no benefit to totally overloading someone. Offering bespoke suggestions can open a customer’s eyes to what they perhaps missed in their first order, inspire them to expand their project and most importantly – come to your store again. Customers who feel understood, cared for and respected are customers who are likely to return. It’s so important to keep an open dialogue with your customers, and it’s equally important to keep the conversation relevant to them.

Using an ecommerce platform such as Shopify creates a really easy way to do this, including the option of automating these emails. Here at Taopix, we have a Shopify plug-in. This allows our customers to easily create and manage an online store-front filled with useful data collection tools, automation opportunity, customer engagement resources and a simple store-to-print journey. If it’s all too tech based for you, we could even manage the entire storefront on your behalf. Speak to your Taopix representative to understand how we can manage your ecommerce so that you’re getting the best you can out of your printing venture.

Social proof

Social proof is a fancier way of answering the question “how do we know they’re not scammers?”. Finding a new company to shop with can often be met with skepticism, and rightly so in an environment where so many people feel conned of their cash through subpar products and services which don’t cut the mustard. Or even, malicious web users posing as a business just to grab the money and run.

Social proof provides confidence in your business before the prospective customer reaches the check out. They can see that your business is real, your reputation, and the quality of your products. How do you build social proof? It’s relatively easy! Make sure that your product photos online and on social media reflect the quality of your print and production. Offer reviews through platforms such as Trustpilot and Google Reviews that let the curious understand the experience of other customers. Work hand-in-hand with social media to not only blow your own trumpet, but to incite customers to share their journey with you and provide a positive tale of your interaction.

How do you gather social proof? This can be a little trickier – so many people intend to leave reviews and simply forget. A follow-up email for your customers to write a review on your chosen platform doesn’t hurt, just make sure that they’ve had chance to receive, inspect and use the item first. Package all orders with a slip containing a QR code directing them to review platform to make it even easier. Reach out to influential people in your community and online and ask if you could come to an agreement for them to spread the word. Gifting items to these people in exchange for a couple of quotes of their experience is a valuable opportunity for businesses of any size.

It’s easy to let these things slide, and that slide often feels like a slippery slope! With Taopix, you’re supported throughout your entire journey. We motivate you, we inspire you, and we let you do what you want with your business – we know when to take a backseat. Working for over 16 years with customers who want to offer personalised print, we’re experts in letting your business flourish and offering a guiding hand along the way. Fancy learning a little more, or need help from your Taopix representative? Contact us today – we won’t let your business flatline.