Taopix 2019r1 is here

Taopix 2019r1 Release Brings Unrivalled Benefits to the Personalised Gift and Personalised Storybook

Taopix, the world’s leading provider of personalisation & photo commerce software, have brought unrivalled benefits to the photo personalisation & personalised story book market with the release of 2019r1. “We are extremely pleased with all the features we’ve managed to add into 2019r1, in this release we’ve focused on ways to help our customers’ generate more…

Taopix unveils an unprecedented amount of innovation in its market leading photo commerce software

Taopix, the world’s number one provider of photo commerce software has announced 3 major strategic initiatives that bring to bear the most significant innovations in the sector since its birth. Photobook AI, integrated global fulfilment and a full Professional Services portfolio put Taopix at the forefront of the photo personalisation space. Helping customers succeed has been at the heart of the recent announcements.