Profit more from personalisation and photo gifts

Taopix enables any business to sell photobooks, calendars, prints and other personalised products via our customisable web and desktop applications.

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Much more than a standard personalisation solution.

A white label platform that empowers your business throughout the entire process of selling personalised products; from product design and tailored user journeys, right through to checkout and production.

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Sell any type of personalised product

Create product-specific user journeys to suit your own range of personalised products.

Increase conversions on photobooks by automating picture selection, cropping and page layout with the Taopix Smart Designer.

Smartphone, tablet and desktop computer

Sell on any device

Your products can be accessed and personalised on any device via web and desktop applications, so your customers can order any time, anywhere.

Graphic design

Create your own product designs

Use our unique design application to create your own product designs, or choose from our range of pre-made design templates.

3D personalised mug

Edit and preview in full 3D

Join the 3D revolution with our unique interactive editing and preview experience for a true reflection of the final product.

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Integrate with any website

Use our built-in checkout or integrate seamlessly with an existing website or e-commerce platform.

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We particularly like how simple it is for customers to upload pictures into the ready-made templates and the wide range of design tools that makes Taopix one of the easiest to use photo commerce platforms on the market.


Partner with experience

At Taopix we know that purchasing the software is just one step in your journey to success. We have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve results.

The Taopix team can facilitate the planning and launch of your platform to minimise the amount of time it takes for your business to start making money.

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Trusted around the world

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Fotomax customers enjoy the Taopix personalised process with easy steps and flexible options.


Sell any type of personalised product

From photo prints, photobooks, canvases and calendars, to mugs, keyrings, t-shirts and other gifts, Taopix lets you create bespoke user journeys for editing the pictures, text and layout for any type of personalised product.

A range of products that can be created with Taopix software


The implementation of Taopix has revolutionised our online print services. We are able to create new products within minutes and provide our customers with a cutting edge design and purchasing experience, setting us apart from our competitors.

Dunns Imaging United Kingdom

Customise the appearance to suit your business

All of the customer-facing components in the Online Designer, Desktop Designer and checkout can be customised to match your website branding. If your system needs to serve multiple store-fronts, then each one can have its own custom appearance.

An array of different Taopix interfaces showing customised appearance


As a leading supplier of albums to the professional photographer market we needed to partner with a robust software provider. This is why we chose Taopix software. Over a decade ago we started with the desktop version and liked it so much that we decided to integrate the online software too.

Sim 2000 Imaging United Kingdom

Integrate with any website or e-commerce system

Out of the box, you can start selling personalised products from your site simply by adding some links.

For a richer experience, you can add the Taopix shopping cart to your website with a simple code snippet; or for a full integration with an e-commerce platform, your web developers can hook into our APIs.

Illustration suggesting how Taopix can integrate with a website


We particularly like the Mac desktop application, along with the fact that Taopix has one unified back-end that manages all the different platforms; that gives a lot of possibilities in the future.


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