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Taopix: The Next Generation at Dscoop EMEA2

10 November 2013

We at Taopix HQ are pleased to announce that we will officially unveil our latest products – dubbed the ‘next generation of photo gift software’ at Dscoop EMEA2, in Rome this week. Join us at the show for an exclusive unveiling of our latest HTML5 based designer. Taopix Online is set to include up to 18 languages (including English, Spanish, French and Chinese) as well as focusing on providing a user centric experience for online consumers. The very latest version of the popular Taopix Desktop Designer (version 4.0.1) will also be shown at the European trade show (6th – 8th November) of which we’re sponsors!

Speaking about the new HTML5 release, James Gray, CEO and Co-Founder of Taopix said:

‘The feature that has most caught everyone’s attention is the fact that it’s based on HTML5 technology and so it sets itself apart from other platforms. Using the very latest, proven technology has a number of benefits, not least of all the fact that it lends itself well to being used across a number of devices, including iPad and Android. We’ve built Taopix Online to be easily customisable and brandable. Last but not least, we’ve focused heavily on ensuring we deliver the very best user experience for consumers too!’

Taopix Online features clever image upload - photos are available immediately for consumers to start working with. Highlights include; enhanced shopping cart and ecommerce tools designed specifically to enhance the online shopping experience for purchasers of photobooks and photo gifts, flight check, live pricing, send-to-a-friend and a Simple To Use toolbar (S.T.U. bar) which dynamically updates to display only the relevant options according to where the user is in the system. Find out more about our Online Designer on our Product page.

Since we demonstrated the very first (alpha) version of the entirely browser based platform, in the States (Print 13, Chicago) last month, we have received a record number of orders and enquiries. ‘Many existing customers and a significant number of new customers were drawn to the solution from the very first demo, because of its ease of use and cross-platform capabilities. And its been specifically designed to complement our Desktop Designer solution too, allowing photo gift businesses to offer their customers a choice, which they can then easily manage through our platform,’ says Gray.

As if the launch of Taopix Online wasn’t enough, you can also see the latest release of our popular downloadable designer application, Taopix Desktop at Dscoop EMEA2 too!

Visitors to the Taopix stand (Stand 17, within Showcase Solutions) can view the latest release of the world’s leading photo gift platform, which has had a bit of a makeover. Featuring a brand new intuitive UX design for the powerful shopping cart and several enhancements across all aspects of the system, Version 4.1 has been specifically designed to make designing, ordering and producing, photobooks, calendars, proof books, single prints, wall art (and more) even simpler!

So what’s next for Taopix? Gray says; ‘We have some exciting developments in the pipeline for 2014. Ultimately, Taopix software releases and enhancements are based on real user feedback; from listening to those who use the software on a daily basis to run their photobook and photo gift businesses. This means that the platform is designed with the needs of these businesses, and their customers, in mind. And, where possible, we like to ensure any enhancements will add real value to their business, whether that’s via an online designer or a desktop download!’

To find out more about Taopix software, including our Online and Desktop Designers, visit our Product Page.