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Taopix Launch Version 4.3

24 July 2014

Over at Taopix HQ we've been so busy upgrading our existing customers to Version 4.3,  the very latest version of our world leading photo gift software platform that we almost forgot to shout about it to the rest of the world! 

Now, we're proud to say, 'it's here!" The brand new Taopix 4.3 release is available for both Taopix Desktop and Taopix Online (our new HTML5 based designer platform). And these very latest upgrades are set to ensure that Taopix falls in line with recent technical developments affecting the world of ecommerce.

Taopix CEO, James Gray, explains:

‘Taopix 4.3 marks a significant release for us this year.  In light of recent industry news concerning online security we’ve made upgrades to our software platform in order to heighten security of the platform further. Our customers also have the option of using FTPS support. We've enhanced our Social Media integration, ensuring that Taopix 4.3 is compatible with Flickr’s very latest API, using https, as well as the very latest Facebook integration. Additionally, we’ve added support for Universal Google Analytics, in line with the latest Google updates.’

A lot of hard work has gone on behind the scenes at Taopix HQ, particularly from our in-house Development team, with lots of help from our QA and Support teams too. 

In addition to ensuring that the Taopix platform is fighting fit for the current technical landscape, we've addressed specific enhancements requested by Taopix business customers.

Gray continues;

‘We work in partnership with all of our customers, prioritising their requests to the existing platform by those which we’ve identified will make the biggest impact to their bottom line and their customer experience.’

So how does a software business, with over 2,000 storefronts, choose where to concentrate their development efforts?  

Says Gray;

‘It’s all about what will have the biggest impact on profit for our customers. We work together and we focus on what will make them more successful. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for our customers to make more money in the personalised photo gift space.’

We recently demonstrated Taopix 4.3 at Dscoop events in Bali, Europe and Latin America recently, where we were proud to continue our sponsorship and support of Dscoop events around the world.

The software is now available for general release to anyone looking to invest in the personalised photo gift space.

If you're an existing customer who wants to arrange an upgrade to Taopix 4.3 please contact our super friendly Taopix Support Team!