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PTRI Chooses Taopix to Introduce Photo Personalisation to Taiwan's Print Industry

12 February 2018

Alston Chang speaking on stage

Taiwan’s Printing Technology Research Institute has chosen Taopix as its photo personalisation platform to help educate and inform print service providers across the country.

The not for profit organisation, funded by the Taiwanese government, was founded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs Bureau and the Taiwan Printing and Machinery Industry Association to promote the core values of the printing industry and showcase new technologies that would deliver substantial benefits to its hundreds of members.

The Taopix platform was introduced to PTRI by Jin Yun, the Taopix Distributor for Taiwan and the implementation was project managed by Luis Lu: “PTRI has a very special role to play in the Taiwanese print industry; it has an obligation to its members to ensure they are aware of new products and markets that will help them improve the economic performance of the sector.”

“Even though it’s not a commercial organisation, PTRI bought Taopix to inform its members about the opportunities in the personalised photo opportunity and the manufacturing process.”

“Taopix serves both B2C and B2B2C business models and gives print service provides many options and routes to market. It’s the role of PTRI to educate printers about these possibilities and help them make the transition from being purely B2B businesses. Printers also need to understand more about e-commerce and the role transactional websites play in generating new business.”

“The Institute is making resources available to demonstrate the capabilities of Taopix and giving printers a deeper understanding of what’s involved when considering new markets.”

Taopix Business Development Manager for Asia, Les Bovenlander, adds “There is no dominant photo gift retailer in Taiwan and the market is truly open to new players. With PTRI’s expertise and guidance, digital print companies can now truly embrace the market opportunity and discover new ways to generate revenue in the fast growing Photo personalisation market.”