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New Head of Product Design Stu Marlow chats Taopix Mobile!

15 October 2014

In a recent Press Release, our CEO James Gray revealed that one of the secret weapons behind the development of new Taopix Mobile and Taopix Version 5 was our appointment of Stu Marlow as Head of Product Design. Stu, who joined us earlier this year has been kept under wraps up until recently, but as he'll be speaking at the Mobile Photo Connect Conference in San Francisco this morning, we thought it was high time we started shouting from the rooftops about him! 

Stu has led the research and design process to bring three all-new user journeys into the Taopix platform, including device-agnostic photobook creation and photo print ordering. Bringing with him over 17 years of digital design and marketing experience, Stu specialises in User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design. His appointment reinvigorates Taopix the company’s passion for creating effortless, delightful experiences by cementing a collaborative, user-centred approach to digital product design into the company’s development process.

Here's what James Gray, CEO of Taopix, had to say; 

‘We’re always pushing to further improve the experience for consumers using our software platforms to order and create personalised photo gifts. We’re passionate about product design and we’re delighted to have someone as talented as Stu on board with our creative and development teams here at Taopix. We were very pleased that Stu was invited to speak at the Mobile Photo Connect Conference in the US and we thought it was about time we announced what he has been doing at Taopix HQ for the last few months!

Stu has been instrumental this year in helping us to design new and seamless user journeys for both our HTML5 based software, Taopix Online, and new Taopix Mobile. When designing Version 5, we focussed on removing as much distraction from the user journey as possible. The aim for this version has always been to open up the platform to be useable on all devices and in whatever situations they might be used in, thus hugely expanding the potential volume for its use. This is something that, with Stu’s help, we’ve been able to achieve for Taopix Version 5 and we’re looking to extend even further in our 2015 release and beyond. We look forward to Stu playing a key role in taking Taopix product design to the next level.’ 

And this is what Stu Marlow, new Head of Product Design at Taopix said; 

‘My passion is for design that not only creates experiences that are beautifully simple and effective, but that are also enjoyable and memorable. Joining the team at Taopix is an absolute dream for me - it’s a rare opportunity to be able to apply that passion to a truly remarkable family of products, not to mention working with a fantastic group of people who share the same enthusiasm for design.

The fact that Taopix is such a forward thinking company and that the team here are always looking to their next innovation, particularly in terms of product design, was a massive draw for me. It’s rare to see such rapid product development and creative thinking outside of an agency environment. The team here are highly enthused about what they do and are totally committed to providing a frictionless, enjoyable user experience. They also really listen to their customers - businesses who use the Taopix platform everyday – as well as the end users, who give us invaluable insight into the product’s use. Feedback from those who’ve seen the work that’s gone into Taopix Version 5 has been incredible, particularly on the new mobile-accessible user journeys for photo books and single prints.  I’m really looking forward to presenting Taopix Mobile for the first time at the Mobile Photo Connect Conference.’

Taopix Mobile, set to be released this quarter, allows consumers to create single prints, personalised quick books, ready books and simple photo gifts via easy-to-use, smartphone friendly interfaces. To find out more, email our friendly sales team: