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How it works for your business

Our user friendly online photo gift designer software is designed to be highly customisable, flexible and brandable – just like the rest of our platform.

Taopix gives you all the tools you need to configure and control your online photobook designer software so that you can: 

  • Deliver a delightful Online Design experience -  designed to get your customers from design to shopping cart in as few clicks as possible! 
  • Mobile and tablet optimised user journeys - giving your customers the very best shopping experience on each device they use! 
  • Brand and customise the Online Designer using your own branding, logos and colours. Customisation areas include the landing page, main header, tool bars etc.
  • Clever image upload – photos are immediately available for consumers to use.
  • Advanced customisation is available using simple CSS style sheets to change buttons, icons and adapt the look and feel.
  • Turn design features on or off, from fonts to masks, backgrounds to scrapbook items etc. When it comes to design features, you can offer customers either a limited or wide choice range.
  • Offer a wide range of products and templates! From photobooks to calendars, greetings cards and more.
  • Focus on one niche product if you prefer, i.e. ready books or wedding books.
  • Pick your templates and fonts. Set up your own templates or use the starter templates, backgrounds, fonts* and images provided.
  • Live pricing!
  • Choose to turn on our Simple To Use toolbar (our S.T.U. bar), which dynamically changes the user's options according to where they are in the online editor. 
  • Customise the Simple To Use toolbar using CSS. This highly intuitive toolbar (S.T.U. bar) is designed specifically to ensure that users are only presented with the options they need at the point that they need them.
  • Provide a flight checker. Set specific print requirements and ensure jobs are right before they are sent to print.

Use our powerful Creator tool to create and edit the options you offer to customers within the Online Designer as often as you like. 

* Additional fonts require a font license for Internet usage with Taopix Online. Ensuring the correct font licenses are in place is the responsibility of your business.  

How it works for your customers

Our Online Designer is designed to be easily customised by you.  You are in charge of what you present to your customers!

The following describes how the Online Designer might look for your customers if you choose to ‘switch on’ the full range of features available. Your customers could do any of the following:

  • Use a range of devices to access your branded designer including PC, Mac, laptop, iPad and Android.
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Save a project and log in to complete from another device.
  • Upload and work with photos from: Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, your device or reuse photos from saved projects. 
  • Auto detect languages, covers approximately 20 languages and growing.
  • Choose photo products from a range of photobooks and photo gifts.  Upload and order single prints.
  • Choose from a range of pre-set templates.
  • Apply and change text choosing fonts and colours using our powerful text engine.
  • Choose to apply backgrounds, frames and scrapbook items.
  • Add, edit and delete pages - including undo and redo!
  • Reposition, crop and resize photos onscreen and clearly see how many times they've used a photo.
  • Clever upload tool - consumers can start using their photos right away.
  • Reuse images from previous projects - no need to upload again.
  • Use the Simple To Use toolbar - present the user with only the options they need at the point they need them.
  • Apply photo effects i.e. sepia, black and white.
  • View live pricing - auto updates whilst they edit their photobook.
  • Perform 8 picture corrections with one click using our photo fix software by Perfectly Clear. 
  • Upgrade their photobook or photo gift via our clever upsell tools.
  • AutoFill photobooks - using all of their uploaded photos with one click.
  • Complete a comprehensive flight check prior to ordering.

'Designed with you, and your customers, in mind, Taopix Online uses the latest HTML5 technology and techniques to deliver a truly user centric online design experience that will leave your customers coming back for more!'

James Gray, CEO & Founder of Taopix

Working with pictures

Our customers are often curious to know how Taopix Online Designer works with pictures, and here's what we tell them:

  • Our clever upload tool means that the Online Designer takes a high quality preview of each picture before the upload begins.  This means your customers can start using their photos immediately while the high resolution picture uploads in the background.*
  • Users can reuse pictures from previously purchased projects, with no need to re-upload.  
  • Our online picture rendering engine makes working with pictures extremely fast for the user - it works behind the scenes, pre-processing the picture at various resolutions so that the closest matched size is always available.

In addition to this, our Online Designer supports a wide range of picture formats including;*

  • JPEG – RGB / CMYK / Greyscale
  • TIFF – RGB / CMYK / Greyscale
  • PNG – RGB / Greyscale
  • Alpha Channel – RGB / TIFF / PNG

To find out more about how all of this works, including our secure encryption and decryption, visit Taopix Production.

*Clever upload tool does not support CMYK or Alpha Channels

Online v Desktop

Our Online Designer has been purposefully designed to perfectly complement Taopix Desktop Designer.

Not sure whether your business should provide either an online or a desktop designer solution? We’ve done some of the hard work for you! Read our arguments for online, desktop or both and see what you think! 

Once your customer has designed their personalised photo products they purchase their order within your powerful shopping cart.   Discover more!