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Why choose Taopix?


Flexible options

Sell what you want, how you want, when and where you want!


  • Set up a single brand or offer multiple brands.
  • Offer Online or Desktop Designer or both!
  • Customise your platform with your own branding, colours, logos etc.
  • Use one language or multiple languages.
  • Choose from multiple currencies and payment gateways.
  • Sell one product i.e. proof books, or offer a wide product choice.
  • Turn design features on or off -  you decide the level of personalisation you want to offer.
  • Use our comprehensive production module or integrate with your own.

One platform, endless possibilities!

“We chose Taopix as it best fit our multi-brand, multi-product business.  We were able to extensively adapt the platform, deploy it in the cloud and integrate it into our cloud based production and business systems, creating a high performance solution that grows with us.”

Andrew Smith, CEO, Albumworks, Pictureworks Group Pty Ltd