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Introducing Taopix Production

Taopix photobook and photo gift software comes with Taopix Production as standard. Our comprehensive production module means jobs get delivered right first time. Manage various elements of production including; secure job delivery to any device, multi-location support, job tickets and much more besides!

Supports a range of print output formats; jpeg, tiff and pdf (including vector).

Guaranteed file delivery ensures that any project generated on your Taopix platform gets delivered straight to your production facility.

How it works for your business

Our production module can be used to manage several production related tasks and is c flexible too. Use it to manage your entire production workflow from print through to finishing and shipping. Alternatively, we offer full or partial integration with external systems including existing production workflow programs.

Set up your photo gift platform to suit how you want to run your production!

Here's a comprehensive list of how Taopix Production can support your overall production workflow:

  • Job preparation and creation.
  • Secure and guaranteed job delivery.
  • Multi-site production.
  • Integration.
  • Production shop floor management.*
  • Supports a range of output formats including; JPEG, TIFF , sRGB, vector PDF.
  • Barcodes – track jobs or production components i.e. match photobook cover to book block.
  • Measurement units in MM or Inches.
  • Set the bleed area (optional).
  • Addition of crop marks with control for; mark offset and size, plus stroke width, colour and border weight.
  • Page numbering.

*Optional - you can either use Taopix Production as a standalone production module, alternatively you can partially or fully integrate with your own production management system.  

Benefits for your business

Our customers tell us Taopix Production brings a whole host of benefits to their photo product business.

Here are just a selection of them


  • Secure encryption / decryption of jobs, files, templates photos, customer order data, background, templates, masks etc.
  • Guaranteed file delivery - unique license key and encryption means that jobs started on your Taopix platform can only be delivered to your platform
  • Right first time! with clever tools such as an in-built flight check, you can configure Taopix to ensures jobs are right before they hit the press.
  • Flexible - includes a host of integration options and automation using Taopix Connect, which supports full or partial integration with existing external management applications.
  • Highly customisable
  • Integration - Taopix Connect can support full or partial integration with existing external management applications
  • Tools to put you in control!
  • You (and your customer) can track the job from finishing through to shipping

‘Taopix is a tried and tested, easy to integrate software package that’s flexible and adaptable, allowing us to meet the needs of our own business whilst also helping us fulfil the requirements of business partners and clients.’

 Shaun Ferry, IT Manager, Loxley Colour

Job preparation and creation

You can configure your Taopix platform to prepare print ready jobs and do any of the following; 

  • Customise the appearance of crop marks, bleed, DPI output, barcodes etc.
  • Convert jobs to your require print output. Taopix Production supports; JPEG, TIFF and PDF (vector).
  • Create customised job tickets - customise by brand and by product. Choose to include as separate files or as a pdf. 

Once prepared, the job is ready to print and can be managed through our comprehensive production module or passed on to external production systems via full or partial integration.  


Taopix allows you the flexibility to choose how you want to manage your production in a manner that suits your business.

Integration to existing and other production management software can be triggered at any point in the production cycle, for example we support integration with HP Production Center and Purus production software by Imaging Solutions, if you’d prefer to handle; printing, finishing and shipping with your own dedicated production management software. 


    You can configure the Taopix Production module to;

  • Fully integrate your existing production workflow with Taopix Production to manage print, finishing and shipping.
  • Partially integrate with existing production management software or external systems.
  • Fully integrate with existing production management software.
  • Connect to external software during print production.

You might also want to connect to external software during print production. For example we make it easy for you to set files to be delivered from a customer project to external colour enhancement software, such as Kodak DP2. Files can then be optimised and returned to Taopix ready to be prepared for print output.

Visit our Technology page to discover more about how we make integration throughout Taopix photobook software.

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