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How it works for your business

 Taopix Creator comes complete with powerful, easy to use tools that allow you to set up templates and configure a many different options, products and components - all designed to enhance the design and shopping experience you can offer your customers!

The following is a list of some of the many features provided:

  • Create products: Set up products, product ranges and collections. Offer your customers limited customisation options, i.e. ready books or offer luxury books with advanced customisation.
  • Set up design templates, backgrounds, masks and scrapbook items etc. Choose to use our starter kits or add your own!
  • Compose sizes, cover options, flexible spine options, default number of pages (minimum and max).
  • Configure design elements such as text, using our powerful text engine and add your own fonts.*
  • Save time with our global assets tool: share the same assets across many products and brands at the click of a button e.g. use one background, mask or scrapbook item across several different products.
  • Turn on social media integration - customers can import photos from their Instagram, Flick'r and Facebook accounts, as well as from their device and previously saved projects.
  • Integrate with external asset management libraries - using Taopix Library Link** Partner with other brands and give your customers more choice with access to licensed content and photos.
  • Control consumer design options.  You decide how much choice and flexibility you want to give your users. Take a fixed approach, i.e. set up a ready book with limited design choice, or provide full design control including number of pages!
  • Manage products and product components.  Add a range of photobooks and photo gifts. Set up number of pages, size, printing, cover, engraving, embossing, framing options and more.
  • Configure a preorder flight check and customise options such as DPI warnings.
  • Build product extensions: set up components and pricing for number of pages, paper types, cover types, engraving and embossing options etc.
  • Set up additional products and services, i.e. teddy bears, balloons, roses, personalised gift card messaging, embossing, engraving, gift wrap etc.
  • Add upsell options - set up prompts offering your customers a product upgrade. For example, offer a larger sized photobook prior to ordering and our slick interface will quickly convert the saved photo project and update the price!

Your platform with you in charge!

* Fonts used within Taopix Online are installed on your servers and therefore addition of fonts requires you to ensure you own the licensing for fonts. Coming soon to Taopix Online! ** Taopix Library Link comes as part of the Taopix Enterprise package - to find out which Taopix package suits your needs, get in touch with your local Taopix representative!

'We can create our own products unique for our markets. We have multiple brands and can have different products for different client groups. Using social media sites to download images is also very useful.Offering non photobook products has resulted in an increase in sales too.’

Piet Geyser, CEO, Q Photo