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Introducing Taopix Limited

People often want to know a little more about who is behind Taopix photobook software

'Hi, we're Taopix the company!'

Taopix Limited manufactures and sells the world's leading photobook and photo gift software platform.

The company was founded in 2007  in the UK by James Gray, our CEO, and Kevin Gale, our CTO. From the beginning, the Taopix platform was designed to fulfil a gap in the market. We listened to businesses who either wanted to or were already selling photobooks.Businesses who said they needed a software platform which gave them full flexibility and control.

So, Taopix was born!

Taopix directors in front of pink wall

'From day one, we've focused on delivering a world class photobook and photo gift platform. That’s an ethos that we carry through into our product today. This has led to Taopix becoming the platform of choice within the personalised photo products markets.'

James Gray, CEO & Co-Founder, Taopix

The team

James Gray


Dianne Moralee

Global Sales Director

Kevin Gale


Faye Stephenson

Managing Director

Stu Marlow

Head of Product Design

Gadi Kovarsky

VP Americas

Les Bovenlander

Business Development, Asia & Africa

Alex Fairbairn

Training Manager

Michael Carey

Technical Consultant

Robert Green

Finance Executive

Harriet Davison

Sales & Marketing Administrator

Ant Tran

Graphic Designer

Ali Ansari

Support Team Leader

Callum Squires

Technical Consultant

Chris Mitchell

Senior Developer

Nicolas Loupias

Senior Developer

Stu Milne

Senior Developer

Matthew Partington


Christopher Steel


David Carter

Quality Assurance Manager

Kieron Fairley

Quality Assurance Specialist

Sam Johnson

Quality Assurance Specialist

What happens at Taopix HQ?

Taopix HQ is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, near the airport, which is handy for our visitors!

And it's where a lot of the magic happens! We come up with the creative ideas, develop and test our products. It's also where we keep our in-house Development, QA and Support teams, plus our Operations, Finance and Marketing departments.

Taopix HQ is a fun and friendly environment to work in - as visitors discover for themselves!

'There's a serious side to maintaining our world leading position, we're professionals who work hard and support each other, but we like to have fun too! We work hard, play hard!'

Zoe Hartill, Marketing Communications Manager, Taopix

Work hard, play hard!

Visitors always comment on the friendly team at Taopix HQ and the fact that we're busy professionals who also like to have fun!

There tends to be something going on, whether it's our monthly company take-out, a BBQ or our very well organised Taopix Social Club (visits have included horseracing, go-karting, casinos, wine-tasting and gigs).

Taopix Food Club will make sure you're fed - leave your Mac and join us for a sit down meal (yes, we actually like to sit down and eat together!). And there's the endless supply of Diet Coke, Coke Zero etc*, plus the super-duper coffee machine for hardcore coffee fans (skinny-hazelnut-latte-extra-foam anyone?).

Want to find out more? Click here to watch Taopix: A Snapshot - our 'behind the scenes' video!

*Other caffeine based drinks are available!


Why not join us in our Taopix Chill Room? Specially designed by our staff for a bit of 'me-time' in between delivering the world's leading platform. Join a darts tournament, play Mario Kart, read, watch Dave*, strum a guitar, eat with your friends or simply chill-ax on our funky sofas.

Just please don't ask us what we keep in the Harry Potter Cupboard!

* Dave is the current TV channel of choice at Taopix HQ – not to be confused with either of our designers, also called Dave!