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Taopix close up / Online v Desktop

With Taopix, you can choose to offer your customers an Online Designer or a Desktop Designer…or both! 

Why Online?

At Taopix HQ, we invested a lot into getting our Online Designer just right for businesses like yours!

Previously technology did not lend its self well to photo personalisation based entirely online. With advancements of technologies such as HTML5, we believe this has changed things for the better.

Our brand new Online Designer uses HTML5 to ensure that your consumers can easily access the software across a range of devices. We’ve also used CSS to allow you to customise and brand the platform in the way that you want. 


  • Allows for quick and easy photobook creation.
  • Create photo gifts on the move.
  • Highly customisable, brandable platform.
  • Cross platform (HTML5) - works across a range of devices. including iPad and Android.
  • No plug-ins or dependencies.
  • Clever upload tool – consumers can start working with their pictures right away.
  • Offer the ultimate, online design and shopping experience.
  • Heavily focused on the User Experience.
  • Works well for general consumers buying photobooks or simple photo gifts.
  • Works particularly well for first time photobook buyers.
  • Fantastic for quick turnaround projects, for e.g. ready books and other pre-templated projects. 

Taopix Online Designer has also been designed to perfectly complement our Desktop Designer and we've made it really easy for existing customers with desktop solutions to start using both, across all of their product ranges if desired!

Why Desktop?

Taopix Desktop Designer is the world’s leading photo gift software platform. Since 2007, businesses of all shapes and sizes around the world have been relying on our desktop solution to successfully run their photobook and photo gift businesses.

It’s something that we continue to build upon and improve.We firmly believe that there will continue to be a strong market for our desktop solution.


  • Create advanced photobook and photo gift projects.
  • Allows for quick and easy creation.
  • Supports both Mac and PC.
  • Work on photo projects from anywhere - requires no plugins or dependencies.
  • Supports both Online and Offline Ordering.
  • Work with 100’s of pictures with ease.
  • Customisable and brandable platform.
  • Focused on the User Experience
  • Create your own customised 'true Installer.'
  • Provide a selection of advanced design features for professional users.
  • Works really well for pro-consumers; commercial photographers, wedding photographers, product designers etc.

Taopix Desktop Designer has also been designed to perfectly complement our Online Designer

‘One of the main benefits of using Taopix software is the ability to offer an easy-to-use ordering software with predesigned layouts in addition to robust Do-It-Yourself Design tools for the more creative user.’

Lori Altom, I.T. Manager, Miller’s Labs, US

Why both?

Our recommendation to businesses considering whether to offer an Online v Desktop solution is this; 

Ideally offer both – putting the choice firmly in your customers’ hands!  

Where an online solution might benefit a particular group of customers, i.e. general or  first time consumers, a desktop solution might suit another group, for e.g. pro-consumers working with 100’s of images at any given time.

Unless you're targeting one very specific market with one solution, we'd recommend you always gave the choice to your customers. This is something which many of our established business customers are now doing!

And if you still can’t make your mind up get in touch, we’d be happy to discuss this with you and help you pick the right solution for your business.

Both Taopix Online and Taopix Desktop software come in 3 packages, designed specifically to suit different business needs.