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Taopix close up / Key features

Take a look at just some of the key features our customers have told us make their lives easier!

'The Send to a Friend photobook sharing function has created extra sales. Using social media sites to download images is also very useful. Changing book sizes after design is well received from our clients. Offering non photobook products has created an increase in sales too.’

Piet Geyser, CEO, Q Photo, South Africa

'Our customers love using Taopix for creating their photobooks because, in addition to the abundance of personalisation options it provides, it is simple and easy to use.'

Mark Koay, Group CEO, Photobook Worldwide

‘Taopix is a tried and tested, easy to integrate software package that’s flexible and adaptable, allowing us to meet the needs of our own business whilst also helping us to fulfill the requirements of business partners and clients.’

 Shaun Ferry, IT Manager, Loxley Colour

Take a closer look at some of the clever stuff behind the world’s leading photobook platform - from the technology used to the integration options and browsers supported...