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Taopix close up / Aftercare and support

With Taopix, you don’t just buy a piece of software.  You become part of the Taopix family!

Dedicated support

With a dedicated support team based at Taopix HQ and a mix of local agents around the world, we are happy to offer ongoing dedicated support packages for those who feel they want the extra help.

Our dedicated support team consists of highly skilled Technical Consultants who are passionate about delivering the very best customer service. They've not only received intensive training on our products, they can deliver it too! And they often work alongside our in-house development team to ensure they answer all of your technical questions. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent response time too.

Dedicated Customer Support Management

We're always a quick phone call or email away when you need to get in touch! All our support cases are backed by a dedicated Customer Support Management platform, which allows us to automatically log, track and manage any support cases. This also helps us to manage our target of aiming to respond to, and where possible resolve, your query within a day.

‘We can count on the professional and friendly Taopix support team. Since 2009, when we started running the software, we have always received their assistance within hours, which has helped us build excellent client satisfaction.’

Roland Waller, Owner, Procine