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Taopix & your business / What can I sell?

Sell photobooks, wall art, greetings cards, calendars, key rings, iPhone covers and more!

One platform, endless possibilities!

Taopix professional photo gift software allows you to profit from a wide range of photobooks and photo gifts. Businesses like yours, have reported time and time again that offering a wide range of photo gifts in addition to a photobook offering can often more than double your revenue.

And Taopix makes it easy for you to start offering your customers both! 


Taopix photo gift platform was originally set up to deliver a world class photobook software platform. With the passing of time, this has not changed! 

Taopix can offer your customers a wide range of choice when it comes to choosing and ordering their photobooks. So if you want to offer ready books, photography books, wedding books, professional portfolios…or indeed any photobook you can think of – that’s great! And if you want to give your customer a choice of; cover size, materials, ribbon colour and options to add, emboss, engrave etc you can. 


Your Taopix platform is easily configured to provide your customers with as much or as little choice as you wish. We have customers who cater to the general consumer, for example offering pre-templated ready books containing famous football teams and customers who offer luxury photobooks fit for a pop princess - gilt edged, embossed, leather bound books, which use a variety of design features.

Why not set up separate brands and cater for both?

Wall art

Businesses around the world use our platform to offer consumers a wealth of choice when it comes to wall art. From simple canvas ranges to all singing, all dancing masterpieces! Our photo gift platform allows consumers to create a range of wall art quickly and easily. We even cater for photomontages!


Set up separate product ranges and brands, to handle different wall art offerings. From simple canvas ranges to all singing, all dancing masterpieces! Offer different frames, borders, frosting, metallic papers, sepia tints and more!

Greetings cards

Consumers can get truly personal by designing their own personalised greetings cards. Encourage them to capture those funny photos to share with friends and family during memorable times of the year - Christmas, birthdays, weddings or any celebration!

Set up some quick templates and allow customers to add; photos, text and personal messaging. Or encourage them to get really creative and add colours, fonts, backgrounds etc – the choice is yours!


Why not expand your photo personalisation offering out into other personalised stationery such as wedding, party invites, postcards and more?

'We can create our own products unique to our markets. We have more than one brand and different products for different client groups. Offering non photobook products has led to increased sales!’

Piet Geyser, CEO, QPhoto


Offer your customers a range of calendar choice! Set up one calendar template, with a pre-set date range and configuration – consumers simply add their photos. Or you can offer a choice of a range of shapes, sizes, templates, formats and backgrounds.  From traditional hanging, wire-bound calendars to desk calendars.


If you have a lot of customers ordering date related products, why not look at other photo gifts that could complement your calendar range? How about personalised photo diaries?

Photo gifts and more...

Many of our customers have proven that adding a choice of photo gift options to their traditionally photobook focused products can  often double profits!

So think about what you can offer your customers today! Taopix supports a wide range of photo personalisation. Just some of the photo products that our customers currently sell include personalised; clocks, iPad covers, smart phone covers, key rings, fridge magnets, t-shirts, mouse mats, notebooks, shopping bags, Rubik’s cubes, snow globes and more!


Got a great idea for a photo gift that you haven't seen anywhere else before? Not sure how to do it? Why not get in touch?

If it’s got four sides and can be printed, the Taopix platform can do it!