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Taopix & your business / How does it work?

We’ve thought long and hard about what you need to start selling exciting photo products using the Taopix platform. We've devised a logical, complete workflow that suits almost every application. And because we offer the whole package from download to dispatch, we've got it covered!


  • Set up single or multiple brands using your unique software license key.
  • Customise the photo gift designer tool and add your own branding
  • Create and set up photo product ranges and templates using our powerful Product Management Platform.
  • Set up; product ranges, templates, add-ons, pricing, currency, delivery, tax & shipping per product.


  • Flexible
  • Customisable
  • Flexible
  • Integration options
  • World leading
  • Reliable


  • Encourage your customer to design their photo gifts via an Online (HTML5) or Desktop  Designer (download).
  • Consumer can import images from their device or via Social Media and asset libraries (package dependant).
  • Consumer designs their photo gift using a range of user friendly tools.
  • Consumer is prompted to create an account, save their project and order.
  • Flight check takes place before they hit the shopping cart.


  • Consumer enters shopping cart and is prompted to make purchase choices.
  • Present your customer with cross-sell and upsell options. Add gift cards, additional presents and more!
  • Offer a choice of shipping options, plus add tax & currency rules.
  • Support multiple payment methods; vouchers, gift cards, debit & credit cards, pay by account or Collect from Store.
  • Consumer orders and pays within the shopping cart.


  • Secure job delivery: files are compressed, encrypted and decrypted.
  • Taopix Production outputs; TIFF, JPEG or vector PDF to your print queues only.
  • Automated XML triggers help you manage the production process with ease.
  • Print and finish products tailored to your set up.
  • Separate print jobs out across different devices, or across multiple sites.
  • Pack and ship: automated job ticketing assists packing and global shipping. 

Our workflow has been simplified to allow you to gain an understanding of how Taopix could work within your business. If you would like to know more about any of the modules offered within the product, including more in depth features on how they work, please visit our product page.