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Taopix & your business / Customer reviews

Don’t just listen to us, find out what some of our customers say!  Our most common customer feedback is that they choose Taopix ‘because it works’ – really well for their business.


'Using Taopix means we can offer easy to use ordering software with both predesigned layouts, for general users, and robust design tools, for more creative users. Customer support is low maintenance. Last but not least, Taopix provides design accuracy from software to output.'

Lori Altom, IT Manager, Miller's Labs, US

'With the new Taopix Online (HTML5) solution complementing their fantastic Desktop solution, we can accommodate for all our customer demands. This has led to a dramatic increase in the orders we receive every week.'

Mark Hipperson, CEO, Smiley Hippo Photobooks

'Taopix is one of our best decisions. We tested many programs and chose Taopix because of its adaptability, reliability and ease of use. Mac and Windows users are equally happy with it.'

Roland Waller, Owner, Procine

‘Taopix is a tried and tested, easy to integrate software package that’s flexible and adaptable, allowing us to meet the needs of our own business whilst also helping us fulfil the requirements of business partners and clients.’

Shaun Ferry, IT Manager, Loxley Colour

‘We chose Taopix as it best fit our multi-brand, multi-product business.  We were able to extensively adapt the platform, deploy it in the cloud and integrate it into our cloud based production and business systems, creating a high performance solution that grows with us. Most importantly, the Taopix team is open minded and future focused.'


Andrew Smith, CEO, Albumworks, Pictureworks Group Pty Ltd

'Taopix has been an indispensable tool for Photobook Worldwide in our goal of providing our customers worldwide with beautiful and high quality photo products. With Taopix, we have created an entire range of pre-designed templates called readybooks, on top of the hundreds of backgrounds, scrapbook items, layouts and frames. Our customers love using Taopix because, in addition to the abundance of personalisation options it provides, it is simple and easy to use.'

Mark Koay, Group CEO, Photobook Worldwide

‘Taopix has created opportunities for multiple revenue streams, not just for photobooks but photo gifts as well. The more we use Taopix the more opportunities we create. A neat and flexible piece of software.’

Michael Lindley, CEO, Photobooksrus, Kwik Kopy

'Many of our consumers have said that Taopix software is easy and fun to use, comparing its intuitiveness to software created by that well known brand (whose logo incorporates a piece of fruit)!'

Ronan Ryle, Director of Business Development and Marketing,

'Since installing Taopix, we have experienced a massive 70% reduction in customer support overheads. This has been an important factor in our growth!'

Mark Koay, Group CEO, Photobook Worldwide

‘Customer requests for improvements or new products are taken on board by Taopix.  We can count on the professional and friendly Taopix support team. Since we started working together in 2009, we've always received their assistance within hours, which has helped us build excellent client satisfaction!'

Roland Waller, Owner, Procine

'Thanks to the scalability of Taopix, our Smiley Hippo photobook brand is now generating in excess of 2,000 orders a week and taking us to new levels of productivity.'

Mark Hipperson, Owner, 2M Photobooks, UK

'Taopix is our first choice because it is an open ended system. We can create our own products unique for our markets. We have multiple brands and can have different products for different client groups. The Send to a Friend feature has created extra sales. Using social media sites to download images is also very useful. Changing book sizes after design is well received by consumers. Offering non photobook products has resulted in an increase in sales too.’


Piet Geyser, CEO, Q Photo