Piktology select Taopix as their do it yourself photobook commerce platform

Piktology has chosen Taopix as their DIY (Do It Yourself) Photobook commerce platform as they launch as an extension of the PikPerfect brand. PikPerfect offer a design and print service of albums (photobooks, Lay-Flat albums and premium albums) and have grown exponentially since their inception in 2012. Owner and Co-founder of Piktology, Rushad Vevaina along with his wife Maike opened the self-design part of their business after realizing that there are a number of clients that would prefer to do it themselves. Thus, Piktology was born in November 2018.

Taopix Creator On mobile device woman's hand

Why sell photo gifts?

The world we live in today, is digital-centric. When last have you actually printed or turned your images into something tangible? After we’ve uploaded our images to the cloud or social media, do we ever look at them again? It is as a result of this truth that the photo-personalisation industry has flourished and is…